Curriculum at Gusford

At Gusford Primary we aim to offer our children a broad and balanced curriculum which ignites curiosity, creativity and a love of learning to last a lifetime. Using the Edison Connected Curriculum as a starting point, we are working towards a curriculum designed with, and led by, our children, taught within an environment characterised by challenge, enrichment and opportunity. To find out more about the Edison Connected Curriculum go to

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ALT Curriculum intent statement.docx
Curriculum Intent 25.6.19.pdf

Edison Connected Curriculum - Foundation Subjects

Maths Curriculum

English Curriculum

Our phonics programme at Gusford uses Read, Write, Inc as the basis. We also use some pure phonic intervention for those who need further support with their phonics.

PE Curriculum

RE & PSHCE Curriculum

Year 1 Curriculum Plans

Year 1 Spring 1 Stories.docx.pdf
Year 1 Aut 2: Toys.pdf

Year 2 Curriculum Plans

Year 2 Aut 2: Party Planners.pdf

Year 3 Curriculum Plans

Year 3 Spring 1 Adventure.docx.pdf
Year 3 Aut 2: Greatest Builders.pdf

Year 4 Curriculum Plans

Year 4 Aut 2: Why do we speak English at School?.pdf
Year 4 Spring 1: Chocolate .pdf

Year 5 Curriculum Plans

Year 5 Aut 2: Castles.pdf
Year 5 Spring 1: Fairgrounds.pdf

Year 6 Curriculum Plans

Year 6 Spring 1 .pdf
Year 6 Aut 2: Victorians .pdf