Gusford have signed up for a few recycling programmes with Terracyle. https://www.terracycle.co.uk

Terracycle recycle items that are not currently able to be recycled by council recycling programmes. As well as helping the environment by removing these items from landfill Terracyle also pay a few pence for each item collected so Gusford Primary School can recycle and fundraise at the same time.

We can now recycle: Writing Instruments (see poster)

Biscuit & Cracker Wrappers (any brand - see poster)

Personal Care & Beauty Products (any brand - see poster)

Air & Home Care (any brand - see poster)

Crisp Packets (any brand - see poster)

Pringles Tubes, Lids and Seals (no other cardboard tubes, only Pringles - see poster)

Bread Bags (any bread packaging made of LDPE plastic - see poster)

Oral Care Products & Packaging (any brand - see poster)

Please take a look at the posters and information leaflets in the folder below that show the accepted waste that we can collect at school. Gather up these items at home, instead of putting them in your household bin and encourage your friends and families to do the same, and bring your items into school. We will have a recycling bin in the foyer where you can leave your items. These items will then be sorted by staff, pupil and parent volunteers and regular shipments will be sent off to Terracycle. If you are able to spare some time to help sort items and support this venture please contact Mrs Claydon via the office.