Nursery Transition

We play a key role in supporting our children to feel happy and excited about the transition from another Nursery/pre-school/home environment to ourselves and from Nursery to Reception. It is important that the children have opportunities to familiarise themselves with the new school environment, as early as possible.

Entering Nursery:

In the latter half of the summer term, you will receive a confirmation letter that contains transition details. This will enclose a date and time for when your child can attend Nursery with a family member. The idea of this session is to familiarise the child with the different members of staff, the children that will attend Nursery and to freely explore a new environment. You will also be able to talk to the teacher, to discuss any concerns or information that you have.

If your child is entering the school the term after their third birthday, you will be invited to attend a 'Learn with me' session before they are due to begin Nursery. Again, you will be able to meet the staff/children and will have an opportunity to talk to the teacher about any concerns or information that you may have.

Entering Reception:

We have the opportunity to begin a 'transition process' starting in January. Our Nursery children visit Gusford's 3 Reception classes (Butterflies, Dragonflies and Ladybirds) once a week, for the duration of the spring and summer terms. The children experience a wide range of activities and have the opportunity to meet the Reception team members. The children already share the outdoor environment with the Reception children, which supports their transition further.

In June/July, the children are then given an opportunity to spend a morning in their new Reception class. The Reception teachers will also regularly visit the children in nursery, during the summer term.

We hope this demonstrates how dedicated we are to ensuring the children have a smooth transition. If you have any additional questions, then please speak to Mrs Kennedy, the Nursery teacher.