Gusford is part of the Active Learning Trust. This is a multi academy trust and there is an Active Learning Trust Board who place a local governing body in each school to oversee the leadership of the school.

The Local Governing Body acts in accordance with the scheme of delegation agreed by the ALT Board. This scheme sets out what the Trust board asks the Local Governing Body to carry out on its behalf. In essence the role of the Local Governing Body (which should then underpin the work of the LGB) can be summarised as follows:

  • Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction;

  • Holding the headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils, and the performance management of staff;

  • Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent.

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To understand the full responsibilities then please read the document below:

Role of Governors - Summary document.docx

Chair of Governors & Trust Governor

Jenny Milsom

I have worked for over 30 years in education in East Anglia; the last 15 of those at senior leadership level. My biggest accomplishment was creating One Sixth Form College as both Principal and Deputy Principal; this was a unique experience; opening a brand-new college in 2010, taking it to ‘Outstanding’ in 2015, (Ofsted 2015).

Our pupils and staff must be at the forefront of the decisions we make, always mindful of financial stability, innovation and creativity.

I am delighted to have been asked to be the Chair of the Local Governing Body of Gusford Primary School and will bring the same level of enthusiasm and commitment to this role as I have in my previous roles.

Read full Jenny Milsom bio here here

Duties: Chair of Governors & Safeguarding Governor

Declared interest: None

Term of Office: 4 years

14/07/20 - 13/07/24

Vice Chair of Governors & Trust Governor

Jonathan Eddy

I am pleased to join the Gusford School Governing Body to assist the Trust, the schools Senior Management team and the Governors to achieve its strategic and academic aspirations.

Education is a passion of mine, and supporting the Governing body to strive to ensure our young people reach the highest academic standards, undertaken in a safe, caring and high quality learning environment is an aspirational goal. Within the educational sector, I have extensive Building Surveying experience, having worked for various local authorities on the maintenance, improvement and extension of educational buildings. In addition to this, my role presently is as Managing and Finance Partner for a private practice of Property Consultants. This role entails being responsible for the financial security and development of the business as well as dealing with Quality, H&S and Environmental compliance to the relevant international standards.

Duties: Vice Chair of Governors & SEND Governor

Behaviour & Attitudes and Personal Development

Declared interest: None

Term of Office: 4 years 03/09/20 - 03/09/24

Trust Governor

Emma Clifton

I became a Trust Governor in November 2016.

I wanted to become a school Governor because I wanted the invaluable experience that comes with helping to run a school. I have a son at the school and being able to positively contribute towards his education and future is a great opportunity.

I look forward to developing my role to be able to assist the school in years to come.

Duties: Health & Safety

Declared interest: None

Term of Office: 4 Years 04/12/19 - 03/12/23

Trust Governor

Nicola Griffiths

I became a Trust Governor in December 2018. I am currently Acting Head at Ipswich High School in Woolverstone and previously I was Deputy Head with a focus on whole school academic performance and assessment. Previously, I have worked as a Head of Science and Head of Biology in both co-education and single sex, day and boarding schools in Oxfordshire, Warwickshire and North London. I passionately believe that all pupils have the ability to do well, if given appropriate academic and pastoral support.

I wanted to become a local school Governor because I want to give back something to the community that I live and work in. I have a particular interest in the academic side of schools, which is why I am pleased to be the Science and English link governor. I am keen to support the senior management team in helping ensure that all the pupils at Gusford Primary School have an excellent primary education.

Duties: Quality of Education, Science & English.

Declared interest: None

Term of office: 4 Years

03/12/18 - 02/12/22

Trust Governor

Jon Wynne

I am delighted to have joined the Governors Body at Gusford in 2020.

During my twenty year career I have been lucky enough to have worked with a number of trusts and schools on projects across Suffolk, Essex and Cambridgeshire. This has allowed me first hand insight and experience of a schools running and appreciation of the educational, budgetary and operational issues faced.

My role in construction contract management has provided me a wide variety of different experiences having initially trained commercially before taking up an operational role with both National and Regional Contractors.

I hope that I can use these skills and experiences to help the Gusford Family grow and continue to give the students the best start to life.

Duties: Behaviour & Attitudes and Personal Development

Declated interest:

Term of Office: 4 years

14/07/20 - 13/07/24

Parent Governor

Samantha Collins

I was elected as a parent Governor in January 2018.

My career is as a Chartered Accountant specialising in solicitors so I am very used to regulation, targets, deadlines and paperwork and I have a good understanding of finances and reporting.

I have two children in the school and like any parent I want the best for them. I joined the governing body as I believe we as parents and teachers have the responsibility to help all the children in the school gain the best start in life and I would like to use my skills to help achieve this.

I’m keen to support the Head teacher and other staff to continue to improve the school to its full potential. I’m looking forward to learning more about the school as I continue in my role and to being part of its positive journey for the benefit of the children.

Duties: Quality of Education, Maths & Pupil Premium

Declared interest: None

Term of Office: 3 Years 24/01/18 - 23/01/21

Parent Governor

Lisa Wood

I became a Parent Governor in June 2020.

I work as a Practice Manager for a Wealth Management company. Prior to this, I have worked in retail banking undertaking various roles including Branch Manager, Area Manager, and project management in head office.

Although I have never worked in education, I believe my skills and experience will be transferable and invaluable to the school.

I welcome the opportunity to apply my experience of corporate governance and regulation; to add value to the board by asking probing questions and providing strategic direction; and to bring an understanding and viewpoint from a parent’s perspective.

I have a son at Gusford, and I am very passionate about his learning and development. I believe every child deserves the best education to fulfil their potential and aspirations.

I offer commitment, enthusiasm, and a desire to influence, and I very much look forward to helping the school achieve their objectives.

Duties: Early Years

Declared interest: None

Term of Office: 3 Years 14/07/20 - 13/07/23

Governor Minutes

Final Public Minutes for Gusford FGB 240122.pdf
Final Public Minutes for Gusford FGB 221121.pdf
Final Public Minutes of Gusford FGB 041021.pdf
Approved Public Minutes for Gusford FGB 120721.pdf

Governor Attendance & Register of business interests

Scheme of Delegation