School values

school values

During the Spring term 2018 we are consulting our stakeholders on our school values, in order to ensure they are still valid and meaningful. We are asking our parents to complete the survey form below. Thank you for your participation.

Our existing values are set out below:

The Gusford Primary School values all stem from our motto of

'Promoting Achievement & Success'

We believe that achievement and success in children will come from promoting four core aims of

Inspiration; Aspiration; Collaboration; Expectation


Curriculum & Resources that spark enthusiasm for learning


Developing a learning and an aspirational mindset


All working together to achieve high standards


Aiming for the highest standards of learning and attendance

These four aims provide six Gusford Golden Guides with core values that we promote with children that help them with life at school and in the world.

Gusford Golden Guides


Caring for Routines and Resources that help us to learn


Aiming for an attitude that helps us to learn


Creating a culture where people want to be and want to learn


Aiming for the best environment to learn

Values: Peace, Happiness, Responsibility,

1) Following School routines that help us to learn & keep safe

We can do this through

  • Following the 321 for attention
  • Following the 123 for movement
  • Listening to the adult when they are talking to us or teaching
  • Focusing on our work and not disrupting others who are working

2) Caring for Property that helps us or belongs to others

We can do this through

  • Treating school property and others property with respect and as if it is your most treasured possession
  • Not leaving items on the floor where they can get damaged

Values: Hope, Freedom, Courage,

3) Being the best that we can be

We can do this through

  • Persevering when things are hard
  • Aiming to produce our best at all times in our work and behaviour
  • Wearing the right clothing and setting a good impression of ourselves in the way we wear it

Values: Unity, Patience, Caring, Love, Humility, Co-operation, Friendship, Understanding, Appreciation, Trust,

4) Being kind, helpful & polite

We can do this through

  • Proactively helping individuals and the school
  • Saying please and thank you
  • Listening to all adults
  • Speaking to all adults respectfully
  • Giving messages professionally
  • Helping with people's needs
  • Giving way at doorways and holding doors open

Values: Quality, Honesty, Respect Thoughtfulness, Tolerance,

5) Treating others as we would want to be treated

We can do this through

  • Listening to people
  • Look at the person who is talking to show you are listening
  • Telling the truth
  • Not getting physical at lunch and break times.

6) All following school procedures

We can do this through

  • Walking on the left in the corridor
  • Being respectful and quiet in assembly
  • Lining up quickly and sensibly
  • Being in the correct places at lunch and break playtimes
  • Eating nicely at meal times