We want the absolute best for our children. Although results haven't always been in-line with national data, we are doing everything we can to address this gap. Quality first teaching, accurate assessments, meaningful data analysis, linked to targeted interventions and an ethos in which effort is celebrated, all indicate that results in 2023-2024 will be in-line or above the national average across all phases.

Headline Data 2022-2023

Headline Data

Attendance 2022-2023

Attendance Data

DfE Attendance Project

Swimming Outcomes 2022-2023

Swimming Outcomes

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Ofsted Report September 2022

Ofsted Notice

Termination Warning Notice February 2024

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There are 0 members of school staff earning £100,000 or over.

Gusford Primary School has less than 250 employees. However, we maintain an equitable approach to all our employees in terms of pay, appraisal and working conditions.