Year 5

welcome to year 5


We are the Year 5 team - Miss Williams, Ms Bergdahl and Mr Minter.

We would like to share with you our exciting plans for the new half term.


Discussion texts

Should Amoafi been allowed to fetch Nyangara? Ask your children over the next few weeks.


All things Fractions!


Forces and Flight

Why can we balance objects on eggs?

How can you increase friction?

If moving over a surface is difficult then surely moving through air is easier?


What were the effects on Ipswich during WW2?

Parents: Do you have stories about family members during the war that you would be happy to share with Year 5?


5M- Swimming at Crown Pools

5B and 5W- Hockey

Year 5 Useful Documents

2018 Year 5

Year 5 Letters

Norfolk Lakes - please click for presentation.