At Gusford school it is the intention that Reading, Writing and Maths are used accurately to complete Design and Technology projects. The Design and Technology skills promote independence and lifelong learning skills that link to the curriculum. Coupled with a clear progression of skills that enable pupils to consolidate and develop their technical skills. Technical vocabulary is learnt and the opportunity to discuss and present the completed project recognises the importance of oracy and vocabulary development.


The implementation of Design and Technology is consistent and allows a progression of skills which are clearly outlined in the scheme of work. Every child from Years One to Six will complete a Food and Nutrition unit which reinforces the understanding of Healthy Eating and a balanced diet. Every class will do one unit per term which will be monitored to ensure that there is a good balance of Textiles , sketching and ICT skills.


Every child will have the opportunity to consolidate Maths and English skills in a varied exploration of Design and Technology. In addition to this they will have the opportunity to develop an understanding of safe use of equipment , healthy eating and a balanced diet.

Cross Curricular links

Very clear links to Science, Geography and practical safety skills when using equipment.

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