Year 2

Welcome to Year 2

Our Year 2 classes are called Atlantic, Arctic and Pacific

Year 2 Team: Miss Boyton (Year Group Leader), Mrs Newman, Miss Tassier-Gotts, Mrs Barron, Mrs Hodge & Mrs McDonald

Headship Team member overseeing Year 1 & 2: Mrs H Cagney (Deputy Headteacher)

You can contact our Year 2 team via email

Each pupil in Year 2 has a log in to 'google classroom' where they can access homework activities. There are also additional home learning activities on there for pupils who are currently self-isolating. Please email the Year 2 team if you need help to log in or reset your child's password.

remote education for year two during lockdown

As we once again find ourselves having to close the school to the majority of our pupils, it is vital that we work together in order to ensure that your children can continue to progress along their learning journey. This time, we have the advantage of using now-established online learning platforms, with which all children and most parents are now familiar.

For children in Key Stages 1 and 2, learning will be set on our Google Classrooms, as has been the case for their homework and isolation learning throughout the Autumn term. Both Tapestry and Google Classrooms can be accessed on any internet-enabled device and there is no expectation that children print learning materials at home.

Please see our home learning letter sent out 4th January via Parentmail for details of how to access these learning platforms. A copy can also be found on our Lockdown Advice Page

If you have any difficulties in accessing our learning platforms, please get in touch to see if we can help you. Although printed learning packs are available on request if we are unable to find a way to get you connected these cannot fully replicate the online learning provision, which is the most comprehensive and interactive learning that we can offer remotely, and we therefore ask that you access the learning online if possible.

Additional activities for all ages

Below you can find some additional home learning activities suitable for most ages that may be of interest to our families.


Alongside the work we have set as a school, if you have internet access and your child has the use of a tablet or laptop they might like to join in with the online lessons on offer at the Oak National Academy or BBC Bitesize. Follow the links below to try these out.

Year 2 Useful Documents

In our 'Useful Documents' section below we have included a copy of the Common Exception Word list. We are expecting children to be able to read, spell and use these words in their writing.

We would also like to share the following website as this has good games for improving fluency in Maths: - hit the button is a particularly good game for times tables.