Year 2

Welcome to Year 2

Miss Cumberland, Miss Boyton and Mrs Shinn would like to welcome you to the Year 2 page of our new school website.

The second half of the Spring term is an exciting one for Year 2. Our 'Animals' Science topic brings eggs which will hatch into chickens. We have linked this to our English work where we will be writing some persuasion texts on why they should be kept in school and quest tales and ICT, where we will be looking at the art of photography and research. Our topic this term is Geography based, where our over arching key question ' How does the weather affect our lives?' will lead us into completing interesting enquiries and learning about weather from around the world. Maths this term sees us embedding knowledge of fractions and statistics. Whilst PE sees us continuing to develop gymnastics and games skills.

In our 'Useful Documents' section below we have included a copy of the Common Exception Word list. We are expecting children to be able to read, spell and use these words in their writing.

We would also like to share the following website as this has good games for improving fluency in Maths: - hit the button is a particularly good game for times tables.

Year 2 Useful Documents

Important Dates for Year 2

26th February - 9th March 2018 - Year 2 will be hatching chicks

During the first half of the summer term Year 2 will do their SATs.

Friday 29th June 2018 - Sports Day for KS1 and EYFS classes.

Year 2 Photographs

Year 2 Photographs

Year 2 Letters