Year 2

Welcome to Year 2

Our Year 2 classes are called Atlantic, Arctic and Pacific

Year 2 Team: Mrs Bond (Year Group Leader), Miss Morton & Miss Tassier-Gotts.

Headship Team member overseeing Year 2: Mrs P Wake (Deputy Headteacher)

You can contact our Year 2 team via email

Each pupil in Year 2 has a log in to 'google classroom' where they can access homework activities. There are also additional home learning activities on there for pupils who are currently self-isolating. Please email the Year 2 team if you need help to log in or reset your child's password.

Year 2 Useful Documents

Year 2 Spring 2 2022 Curriculum.pdf

In our 'Useful Documents' section below we have included a copy of the Common Exception Word list. We are expecting children to be able to read, spell and use these words in their writing.

We would also like to share the following website as this has good games for improving fluency in Maths: - hit the button is a particularly good game for times tables.

Year 2 connected curriculum

year 2 artwork

year 2 - outdoor learning