Daily Timetable

Barring any further changes to the DfE guidelines for school, we expect to be able to lift all remaining restrictions from the start of the Autumn term 2021 and we could, therefore, return to our pre-Covid daily timings. However, we have taken this opportunity to make some small adjustments to the timings of the school day, which we feel will be beneficial to all pupils, as well as parents and staff.

Start of the Day:

We will be returning to our rolling start to the day (8.40-8.50am). Prior to the pandemic, we had introduced a rolling start and we found that this was hugely beneficial for pupil wellbeing and behaviour, as it creates a much calmer, less crowded start to the school day with no need for anxious pupils to wait at the gates. This approach also allows working parents to drop off children within a longer time period and means that all children can start learning as soon as they enter the school. 

  • Reception Children - To enter via the Ellenbrook Road entrance and go to classroom doors.
  • Year 1 & 2 Children - To enter either via the Ellenbrook Road or Sheldrake Drive entrance and use the side gates. 
  • Years 3 - 6 Children - To enter via the Sheldrake Drive entrance only and to use the junior playground gate

There will be no access to the infant or junior playgrounds during the morning drop off but there will be staff on the gates if you wish to pass on a message about your child. Reception children can be taken to their classroom door. Any child that arrives after 8.50am will need to enter through the main reception.

Lunch Time:

There have been some positives from the pandemic and one of those is that staff have found that the shorter lunch break we have had in place for the last year is actually beneficial for pupil wellbeing and results in fewer behaviour incidents at lunchtimes. For some children, lunchtimes present many challenges in regards to friendships and play choices and for many, a period of more than thirty minutes on the playground is overwhelming. This is particularly the case for a number of our children with SEND, children with anxieties around forming relationships and those who can become overwhelmed by sensory input. This shorter lunch break will also allow for some continuation of staggering over lunchtimes (without the bubble restrictions) which will result in less crowding of the playgrounds and greater freedom for children to run and play. 

  • Reception Children - 11.50 -12.50
  • Year 1 & 2 Children - 12.00 - 12.50
  • Year 3 & 4 Children - 12.25 - 1.15
  • Year 5 & 6 Children - 12.25 - 1.15

End of the Day:

We will be returning to parents/carers picking up from the classroom doors and you can enter and leave via whichever gate is most convenient for you. We have missed this daily contact with parents at the end of the day. 

Older pupils, from Year 4 upwards, can walk home alone with permission from their parents. Parents must inform the school of this permission as teachers cannot release a child without contact from a parent or carer. 

During the past year parents have had staggered times to collect their children from 2:50pm to 3:20pm. Rather than return to our pre-pandemic end of day timings, as we will have a shorter lunchtime we will have a slightly earlier finish to the school day. We have also taken the opportunity to reduce the gap between KS1 and KS2 pick up from 10 minutes to 5 minutes so that families do not have to wait as long for older siblings.

New end of day timings from September 2021:

  • Reception - Year 2 children - Finish at 3.15pm
  • Year 3 - 6 children - Finish at 3.20pm

These slightly earlier finishing times will allow after school clubs and staff meetings to start promptly at 3.30pm. Those children who attend the Fair Play After School Club will be supervised in classrooms until 3:30pm.


All pupils should go straight to their classrooms as soon as they arrive at school between 8:40 and 8:50am. 

The school is required to mark the attendance register twice each day; once at the start of the day and once during the afternoon session. The register will be called promptly at 8.50am by each Class Teacher. The registers will close at 9.00am. Children who arrive at school after 8.50am must report to the main school.

We want to see the best educational outcomes for all Gusford pupils, and good attendance is key to achieving this.

Attendance Leaflet