Welcome to our school!

Gusford Primary School is in the heart of Belstead and Chantry, it serves and contributes to a very happy community. We are extremely proud to share with you the wonderful learning and opportunities on offer at Gusford Primary School. We have tried to include all the information you will need about our school; what your child will be learning, how it operates, what events are planned and how we make our school an exciting place to learn. Please take your time to have a look around the site, particularly our weekly newsletters which will keep you informed of what’s going on week to week.  

The website is designed to help you support your child and provide a brief picture of the range of activities, resources and opportunities we make available for your children. We are committed to developing the creative, physical, emotional and social side of all children. The children are at the heart of every decision we make to ensure they are kind, honest, respectful, confident and responsible.  

We hope you find it useful and we would welcome any comments or suggestions for its improvement.


With warmest regards,


Mrs. Heather Madsen                          and                 Mrs. Pippa Wake

Executive Headteacher                                              Head of School


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